Xmega a3bu xplained datasheets360

May 09, 2012 · my uses of an AVR XMEGA ecaluation kit. It was Rather challenging to come find the proper way to download the software however when googleing ” AVR XMEGA A3BU” you will find a link to the hardware users guide4 which tells you to install flip but first you must install AVR studio 6 first inorder to beable to communicate with the chip properly. Beneficial characteristics of the XPlained Pro platform are the integration of Atmel Studio, the inclusion of Atmel software framework drivers and demo code and support streaming data. Applications include smart meters, mobile devices, white goods, automotive (such as car radios and car access), building automation, remote controls, industrial ... Nessa nova página aberta, selecionar “AVR XMEGA, 8 bit” em “Device Family” e depois basta escolher o exemplo de projeto desejado na lista que segue, “Demo Application For XMEGA-A3BU XPLAINED (exemplo de programa que vem salvo na placa).