Briefing sheet on scope of work

the focus and scope of work sections of the statement of duties). Gender specific language must not be used. Jargon, acronyms or site specific language should be minimised. If using abbreviations, spell them out the first time they appear. Write in an active voice. Do not assume that the reader has prior knowledge of the role. What DOES it take to write the perfect media brief? In this episode of #MediaSnack we were inspired to focus on agency briefing by a piece of recent research issued by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) the global marketing trade body. The research asked leading marketing and agency professionals to rate the quality of briefing. XXX Contractors XXX Restaurant Signal Mt, TN Attachment B HVAC Scope of Work Page 1 of 3 Initial _____/_____ Schedule Information: 1. This subcontractor has included all costs to meet schedule as defined below. Any requests outside of the original scope should be documented in the form of a statement of work that clearly identifies the work to be done. We also recommend that it be clearly stated in the contract that additional work will be done for a flat fee per hour and explicitly state that additional work can not be completed until a signed and ... Division 01 – General Requirements Page 01-4 Section 01 33 00 Submittal Procedures 1. Depending on the extent of the Scope of Work, the extent of Submitted Materials may vary, however will generally include (Design Professional to verify and edit list): a. Construction Schedule (including periodic updates) b. Certifications & Inspections begin with a Pre-Job Briefing for the purpose of exchanging essential information about the work between the assigned workers and task Supervisor/Work Leader. The pre-job briefing process communicates to the workers the scope of the work, the hazards and requirements, and the controls such that work can be performed safely.