Carrier air cooled chiller log sheets

The 70 through 125-ton Model RTAA units are helical-rotary type, air-cooled liquid chillers designed for installation outdoors. The unit has two compressors and the compressor circuits are completely assembled, hermetic packages. They are factory-piped, wired, leak-tested, de-hydrated, and tested for proper operation before shipment. Carrier's semi-hermetic design eliminates: † Compressor shaft seals that require maintenance and increase the likeli-hood of refrigerant leaks. † Machine room cooling requirements associated with air-cooled motors, which dissipate heat to the mechan-ical room. † High noise levels common with air-cooled motors, which radiate noise Efficient, safe and reliable, Carrier’s range of air-cooled chillers span 16kW to 1138kW cooling capacity, and deliver outstanding performance for all types of buildings. Follow the links below to learn more, and select the ideal model to match your requirements. Our literature library of data sheets, manuals, & engineering specs is constantly growing. If you need finding product literature call us at 214-321-4200. − Fill the maintenance visit log sheet and review with the operator. Oil analysis Trane Oil Analysis is a predictive tool used to detect minor issues before they become major problems. It also reduces failure detection time and allows planning for appropriate maintenance. Oil changes can be reduced While many air-cooled chillers use only leaving fluid temperature control, the 30GTN,GTR chillers utilize leaving fluid temperature control with a stan-dard entering fluid temperature com-pensation. This Carrier exclusive 30GTN,GTR Air-Cooled Reciprocating Liquid Chillers with ComfortLink™ Controls 50/60 Hz Nominal Capacities: 60 to 410 Tons 500 air-cooled liquid chillers with electronic controls. The 30XA chillers are equipped with ComfortLink™ controls and electronic expansion valves. The AquaForce® 30XA chillers offer two different user interface devices, the Touch Pilot™ display and the Navigator ™ display. Conventions Used in This Manual — The follow-