0d24k2 datasheet

AT24C128/256 3 Note: This parameter is characterized and is not 100% tested. Note: 1. VIL min and VIH max are reference only and are not tested Pin Capacitance(1) Applicable over recommended operating range from TA = 25°C, f = 1.0 MHz, VCC = +1.8V. E2K-C Long-distance type Long-distance Capacitive Sensor with Adjustable Sensitivity Item list of E2K-C about this Product Family ... 78K0/KE2 8-Bit Single-Chip Microcontrollers User’s Manual The µPD78F0537D has an on-chip debug function. Do not use this product for mass production because its reliability cannot be guaranteed after the on-chip debug function has been used, due to issues with respect to the number of times the flash memory can be rewritten. NEC Electronics DATASHEET NI 9223 Datasheet 4 AI, ±10 V, 16 Bit, 1 MS/s/ch Simultaneous • BNC or screw-terminal connectivity • 60 VDC, CAT I, channel-to-channel isolation The NI 9223 C Series module is a high-speed, simultaneous module for use in any NI CompactDAQ or CompactRIO chassis. With a sample rate of up to 1 MS/s and CAT24C16 DEVICE DESCRIPTION The CAT24C16 is a 16-Kb Serial CMOS EEPROM, internally organized as 128 pages of 16 bytes each, for a total of 2,048 bytes of 8 bits each. It features a 16-byte page write buffer and supports both the Standard (100 kHz) as well as Fast (400 kHz) I2C protocol. Write operations can be inhibited by taking the WP pin Industrial Display Solutions eatures RoHS COMPLIANT 2002/95/EC IDK-1107W 7" WVGA/WSVGA Industrial Display kit with Touch Solution 7" LCD supports 800 x 480 & 1024 x 600 pixels