Does the word amendment need to be capitalized

Nov 19, 2007 · Does the word "god" need to be capitalize in an essay? I' am writing an essay about the medieval era and the churches beliefs in the field of anatomy during the time before churches encourage it. Will I have to capitalize god in this sentence, "It was their god's word that was accurate and unquestioned." When referring to a specific bill, the word "bill" has to be capitalized, i.e. ( Acts Interpretation Amendment Bill 2011). However, when referring to any bills like for example: Parliament passed 75 bills in the past three years. The bill would not be needed to be capitalized. 'Second Amendment' should be capitalized. Any word that is the name of a specific act, law, amendment, or bill is capitalized according to both the C.... See full answer below. Mar 27, 2017 · You don’t capitalize is on the grounds that it’s a small word; unless if it’s first word of the sentence, then you’ll have to capitalize it. Words like and, or, but, yet, so, it, the don’t should be capitalized. Should the word “states” be capitalized? Should the word “state” or “states” be capitalized when referring to the United States or the 50 states that make up the U.S.? If you are referring to the U.S. you should capitalize as in this sentence: “I’ll be returning to the States next week.” "Amendment" is not a proper noun, so it does not need to be capitalized. However, if the amendment you are referring to is a particular amendment to a particular document, it may be capitalized.