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Your Guide to Less Toxic Products is easily the best and most comprehensive website we've ever seen on this subject area, and we'd like to refer readers to it and also mention some of the BC-based products you describe (with full credit to your Guide). May we have your permission? Thanks, Andrew Scott. Thank you for providing this information! 11.1. D-Panthenol is fully biodegradable. 12. Other Information. 12.1. This Safety Data Sheet of D-Panthenol is based upon a limited review of Foodchem Internation Corporation files and standard Toxicological handbooks. Balancing HypoTonicIf the oil cleanser is a new way to think about cleansing, the Hypotonic is a new way to think about hydrating. It works by balancing the liquid content of skin cells and the lamellar structures surrounding them. This innovative Skin Brightening Mask is made of biodegradable plant based fiber that contours perfectly to the face allowing essential skin brightening nutrients to deeply penetrate the skin. Carica (papaya) fruit extract dramatically improves tone and texture as well as reducing skin discoloration and age spots. Also known as "ProVitamin B5" or "Pantothenic Acid", 100% panthenol is an additive no hair care / skin care product should be without. It's strengthening properties are well-known and widely used in professional hair care formulations where it also provides lustre to the hair when used at 2.0%. old Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to the new Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and includes 16 specific sections in a strict order. Companies must establish newly compliant Safety Data Sheets by December 1, 2013. As a result of OSHA’s adoption of the new GHS, in September 2013, Certified Lye’s former Material Safety Data In 1981 Peter A. Stewart published his book How to understand acid-base - A quantitative acid-base primer for biology and medicine..Two years later, in 1983, he published a paper also describing his concept of employing Strong Ion Difference as an alternative means of assessing clinical acid-base disturbances.