Corona sdk sprite sheet size

Whether you're new to Corona or want to take your app to the next level, we've got a wealth of resources for you including extensive documentation, API reference, sample code, and videos. Then the sprite looks teared. For example, I saw 4 little sprites from the previous spritesheet when starting an animation from the next spritesheet. When I made the sheets the same size I saw one big sprite, from the previous spritesheet first. So you see a wrong frame, scaled to the size of the sheet you actually want to use. Screenshot: A sprite editor streamlines the process by allowing you to import the graphics from your designer and have the tool automatically trim, re-size and optimise the sprites for you to create the smallest possible sprite sheet. Then you can use the sprites to easily create animations and fine tune them, while being able to see the changes in real-time! Please see the Sprite Animation and Image Sheets guides for more information. The local origin is at the center of the sprite and the anchor point is initialized to this local origin. By default, sprites use frames that reside on a single image sheet. This corresponds to the image sheet you pass to the display.newSprite() constructor. Example with CoronaSDK using PhysicsEditor & TexturePacker Andreas Löw Get Sourcecode from GitHub tutorial corona physicseditor texturepacker As requested on the Corona forum I created a small example using PhysicsEditor to create the shapes and TexturePacker for the sprite sheets.