Vlookup formula in excel tutorial

The many uses of VLOOKUP. ... Next MS Excel Training Dates. 20-22 Jan 2020 (JHB), 10-14 Feb 2020 (JHB) View Calendar. ... Excel Functions and Formulas 105 Lessons Another exiting tutorial in Microsoft Excel which “how to use VLookup function”. “VLookup function” is most uses and most useful function. With the help of VLookup Function we can find a value by vertical table. “VLookup Function” means “V” means “Vertical” and “Lookup” means “search or find” so now I hope you all ... Mar 03, 2015 · The Lookup_value is the value you want to look up in the Excel database or Excel list. In the example (figure 1) the Lookup_value is in B3. By entering a staff id in B3 the VLookup function can look up a value in the list with staff data.