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Presently, the class is available for (1) Bank Promotion Test (2) CAIIB (3) JAIIB (4) Balance sheet analysis (5) Micro and Macro Economics. Other features of E-Learning channel: The duration of the entire class ranges from course to course. (it is 22-25 hours for promotion exam). agement of balance sheets by financial institutions and, given that these regulations required more balance-sheet risk management, they contrib - uted to the increased resilience of the banking sector. An important function of the Bank of Canada is to promote the safety and efficiency of the financial system in Canada. In support of this mandate, A MCDM approach for project finance selection: An application in the renewable energy sector ... sector because it can fund major projects off balance sheet. The objective of this paper is to ... A bank balance sheet is a key way to draw conclusions regarding a bank’s business and the resources used to be able to finance lending. The volume of business of a bank is included in its balance sheet for both assets (lending) and liabilities (customer deposits or other financial instruments). Banking Industry Value Chain: Decoding Bank's Balance sheet As we have discussed in the earlier article that commercial banking is a business and banks play a role by providing a service and they earn a profit by charging customers for that service. elements in the balance sheet of the bank such as currency, currency plus demand deposits, with saving deposits, high powered money and bank reserves to observe the e ect of di erent macro shocks on the econom.y • CAIIB - Financial Management • Module B – Study of Financial Statements • - Balance Sheet Analysis • M. Syed Kunmir BALANCE SHEET ANALYSIS • Sources of Funds. 1) Capital 2) Reserves & Surplus 3) Term Liabilities 4) Current Liabilities BALANCE SHEET ANALYSIS