Care sheet tattoo

Prophecy Tattoo Studio based in Barkingside Essex and easily accessible from East London, Leytonstone Woodford Ilford and surrounding areas. Open 7 days a week for and custom tattoo work from full sleeves, chest pieces to just little discrete tattoos on your wrist. Come down to speak to us we're always happy to talk Standard tattoo care says remove your wrap after 4-8 hours and let it dry and heal naturally. To prevent scabbing, you are generally instructed to wash periodically, avoid extended water exposure, and keep a very light film of tattoo artist approved ointment on the tattoo for days. The healing process usually takes a week to two weeks. Depending on your artist - they may cover your fresh tattoo with cling film, others will use a paper towel and tape it in place over the new tattoo. You will be given aftercare instructions from the tattooist, which will explain the healing process. This list will give you valuable advice for the care of your ink, so follow it to the letter. Product Information Product Type: Robot Tattoo Sheet Set Tattoo Sheet Size: 19cm(L)*12.5cm(W) Tattoo Application & Removal With proper care and attention, y