Irf150 datasheet 1n4001

How to download PSpice models. Hi everyone, I am trying to get model from this page but no way to download models. For example, I am looking for ST 2N1893 model, I searched it on this: SPICE Models for Diodes. The easiest approach to take for a SPICE model is the same as for a data sheet: consult the manufacturer’s web site. Table below lists the model parameters for some selected diodes. A fallback strategy is to build a SPICE model from those parameters listed on the data sheet. IRF150 TO-204AE IRF150 NOTE: When ordering, include the entire part number. G D S DRAIN (FLANGE) SOURCE (PIN 2) GATE (PIN 1) Data Sheet March 1999 1N4001/D 1N4001, 1N4002, 1N4003, 1N4004, 1N4005, 1N4006, 1N4007 1N4004 and 1N4007 are Preferred Devices Axial Lead Standard Recovery Rectifiers This data sheet provides information on subminiature size, axial lead mounted rectifiers for general−purpose low−power applications. Features • Shipped in plastic bags, 1000 per bag