Masta quarter sheet

McAlister Fleece "Show Sheet" (blanket) Cooler, 74", Royal Blue. Can be used to wick sweat or bath-water off horse for faster cooling/drying, or we used these under lightweight blankets for added warmth (and to prevent rubbing from the regular blanket/sheet). Masta have used a special ceramic powder that is blended into the actual fibre of the rug. This powder is then treated with Far InfraRed (FIR) (beware of copies where ceramics are only sprayed on and will wash out - they aren't cheap either!) which delivers thermal radiation effects which in turn supports the regulation of your horse’s ... Coolers, Fleeces & Sheets Exercise Sheets Riding Rugs Walker Rugs Pony Rugs Horse hoods Horse Rug Accessories Therapy rugs Fly Rugs Eczema Rugs Avalanche Rugs Horse Boots Saddle Pads Saddles & Girths Bridles & Reins Headcollars & Lead Ropes Bits Reflective Horse Wear Stirrups & Leathers Lunging & Training Aids for Horses Fly Control for Horses