Bc547 datasheet pnp center

Download transistor datasheet and read the transistors specifications from the datasheets ... BC547, BC548, BC549, BC550 ... BF420 is a NPN high-voltage transistor in ... BC546, BC547, BC548, BC549, BC550 are NPN switching and amplifier transistors with low noise and working at high voltage. Features Switching and Amplifier To calculate for a PNP transistor, enter negative numbers in collector current, base voltage and voltage drop. Examples are given for NPN transistors 2N2222, 2N3055, 2N3904, BC547, TIP31, TIP31A, TIP31C, TIP41, TIP41A, TIP41C and PNP transistors 2N3906. ©2002 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Rev. A2, August 2002 BC546/547/548/549/550 NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted COMPLEMENTARY PNP-NPN DEVICES NEW ENHANCED SERIES HIGH SWITCHING SPEED hFE IMPROVED LINEARITY Applications GENERAL PURPOSE CIRCUITS AUDIO AMPLIFIER POWER LINEAR AND SWITCHING Description The TIP41A is a silicon base island technology NPN power transistor Jedec TO-220 plastic package with improved performances than the