Mc33079d datasheet

MC33078 DUAL HIGH-SPEEDLOW-NOISEOPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER. SLLS633C– OCTOBER 2004– REVISED NOVEMBER 2006. over operating free-airtemperature range (unless otherwise noted) MIN MAX UNIT VCC+ Supply voltage(2) 18 V VCC– Supply voltage(2) –18 V VCC+ – VCC– Supply voltage 36 V Input voltage, either input(2)(3) V. Minor , MC33079 Low noise quad operational amplifier Datasheet - production data Features , kV SO-14 (plastic micropackage) DIP14 (plastic package) Description The MC33079 device is a , addition the MC33079 device has a very low distortion (0.002%) and excellent phase/gain margins. The output MC33079D datasheet, MC33079D pdf, MC33079D data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Motorola, DUAL/QUAD LOW NOISE OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS