Scottrade pink sheets

When I think of Scott Trade, I think of the movie Elf. Before I get too far on this unrelated path let me say that Scott Trade is a penny stock broker. You can trade OTC / Pink sheets to your hearts content. Back to my story. When Buddy the Elf arrives at his estranged father’s office, he meets his … The pink sheets are notorious for being the home of micro-cap pump-and-dump scams, and I would never recommend to investors to walk into a minefield like that.   But it is important to view ADRs on a case-by-case basis. 3) Scottrade: Scottrade is one of the cheapest online brokers you will find. It charges $7 for both market and limit orders. There are no quarterly or annual fees. So even if you are an inactive investor, you won’t be penalized for “not trading.†The only drawback for penny stock investors is this... Here about 30 popular Mutual Funds, Online Trading, active trader, etrade pro sites such as (E*TRADE Financial - Investment Services, Online Trading, Retirement, Banking). Scottrade ShareBuilder Sloan Securities Summit Trading SpeedTrader SuccessTrade Sunlogic TD Waterhouse TradeWell Trading Direct Trend Trader Vision Trade WR Hambrecht Wall Street Access Wall Street Electronica Wang Web Street Securities Wells Fargo