Ever quest character sheets

The Mercenary tab of the Character sheet offers info and the ability to rehire in some cases. To hire a mercenary the first time you will have to meet him/her/it at a specific location. After you hail them, a window will open that shows all of their abilities, which should give you a good sense if they may be a good match. Feb 18, 2003 ยท A starting character, first level monk already has Dual Wield so the monk can take two attacks at a +1 base attack bonus (BAB) and -4 BAB for the extra Dual Wield strike. At 3rd level the monk can add in a round kick attack when taking a full round attack action. With the round kick's -2 attack penalty,... The EverQuest Role-Playing Game Player's Handbook is one of the first fruits of the Open Gaming License. Its 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons roots are strongly in evidence, but EverQuest easily stands on its own.