Ge cut sheets load centers

QO Load Centers – Main Lugs Main Lugs •ln UL Listed •2 Single-Phase, 3-Wire •100 120/240 Vac •PK7GTA 12 Spaces and Higher Panels Convertible to Main Breaker • FactoryQO816L100FCP Installed Main Lugs • Copper Bus Bar Only on 12 Circuits and Higher • Catalog Number Guide: Page 17 QO13040L200GC QO11624L125GRB Amps Spaces Max. load centers Ł Tin plated copper bus is standard on 4Œ 8 circuit load centers Mains Ł Factory-installed main lugs Ł Top mains positioning only Ł Top or bottom feed Ł A backfed main circuit breaker can be field-installed in 4Œ8 , 6Œ 12 and 8Œ16 load centers using the PK2MB retaining kit Cover Ł centers Built into each of GE’s LED replacement lamps is 125 years of experience, reliability and innovation. Every performance claim we make is supported by stringent, comprehensive testing—ensuring that your lighting investment pays off today and in the future. Long life GE’s LED replacement lamps are sturdy, dependable and long lasting. For help with Load Center, 200A, Main Lugs, 3PH, 65kA, 208Y/120VAC, 30 Circuit from GE, call Platt at 800-257-5288 from 4a - midnight (pst) 7 days. Also known as: 783164189926, GE, TL30420C, 3-Phase Main Lug, Load Centers - Copper Bus, Load Centers / Panelboards, Power Distribution Main lug load centers offer an economical solution for subpanels and similar applications. All main lug units 125A and above convert easily to main breaker. GE’s residential load centers reach into commercial applications as well, with riser panels, auxiliary gutters, three-phase units with standard 22kAIC ratings, and all the GE Industrial TL30420R Load Center, 200A, Main Lugs, 3PH, 65kA, 208Y/120VAC, 30 Circuit. warning This item is obsolete and no longer available for purchase.