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The sugar stamp transfer sheets may go on any type of chocolate, whether it is dark or white chocolate. Pour melted chocolate on top of your thin transfer sheet and let it sit. Create exquisite chocolate pieces or desserts with these chocolate transfer sheets. You can use these transfer sheets with magnetic chocolate molds or to decorate cakes and pastries. Simply spread melted chocolate on sheet and the designs will transfer to the chocolate as it cools and hardens. This works on all kinds and colors of chocolates. Balance Sheets, the Transfer Problem, and Financial Crises PAUL KRUGMAN [email protected] MIT, Department of Economics, Cambridge, MA 02139 Abstract In a world of high capital mobility, the threat of speculative attack becomes a central issue of macroeconomic policy. Heat transfers and Iron On Transfers for T Shirts, apparel & gifts From Art Brands. Thousands of designs including licensed, Ford, Chrysler, Liquid Blue & more. Known worldwide for our excellent retail quality custom heat transfers and special effects.