Facebook json data example

JSON Generator was created in order to help with this. It provides an opportunity generate any data and in any quantity. Edit template, click "Generate" and you're done. JSON samples. These are live samples; click to view them. For more information, see Using JSON with Google Data APIs. Google Calendar Upcoming events from Calendar This sample demonstrates displaying a list of upcoming calendar events from a Google Calendar on a web page using the JSON output format provided by the Calendar Data API. Blogger Nov 16, 2017 · fddp: Facebook Downloaded Data Processor . Facebook allows you to download "a copy of what you've shared on Facebook". This includes a lot of Facebook data, including Messenger (chat) messages (what we are interested in) fddp is an experiment about doing some data mining (or other things) on Facebook messages from your own account. Excel HTTP Get Request – Returning the Stock Quote Now that we’ve successfully written code that will perform our search query, let’s move on to the http get request to return our stock quote. In the form that pops up, our user will select a company for which they want to return a stock quote.