Static 99r tally sheet for 21 (Static-99R, Static-2002R, Risk Matrix – 2000). The first presentation provides an overview of STABLE-2007, including research updates and implementation recommendations. This presentation bring s existing STABLE-2007 users up-to-date on current user guidance, and assist those considering adopting this measure in new settings. Neither the Static-99R score nor other types of risk assessment scores are a factor in whether an offender is disclosed on the Web site, or registration requirements. Currently, the tools are in place for California to move forward with a registration law that does not treat all sex offenders the same. By law, static risk scores are displayed on the Megan’s Law website, if a Static-99 or Static-99R score is available. Since risk assessment did not begin until 2006 in California, many offenders convicted and/or convicted before that date have not been scored on the static risk assessment instrument. EXHIBIT Q-1 STATIC-99R- TALLY SHEET. Item. Number Risk Factor Codes Score 1 . Age for assessment Aged 18 to 34.9 Aged 35 to 39.9 Aged 40 to 59.9 Aged 60 or older