Skip sheeting

Currently there are at lease two layers of ceder shakes, covered by two layers of asphalt shingles on top of the Skip Sheeting. Needless to say that the 2x4 rafters are way overloaded... in fact one rafter has already broken. I got a quote from a roofer... $14,000 to do the entire job, or $7,500 if we strip and plywood the roof ourselves. Skip N Go. The Skip N Go sheeting system is designed to suit all Skiploader equipment, particularly our popular skip models. It is used to prevent the driver from having to manually cover a loaded skip before travel. You tape the seams while the wall is being constructed flat on the ground. This new sheathing material can save money and time because you effectively skip a step in the current building process. This new sheathing material may become the new gold standard in the progression of wall sheathings because of its innovation. Figure 4 – Spaced decking (also known as skip sheathing) may be found below wood shakes, slate, and tile.In contrast with “solid” board sheathing being explored here, spaced decking may be encountered as well. Also known as “skip sheathing,” this arrangement may be found below wood shakes, slate, and tile (Figure 4).