Formula for electric field strength

Like an electric field, a magnetic field may be represented with field lines. These lines (and the magnetic field) point from the north pole of a magnet to the south pole of a magnet, as shown in the figure to the left.. Unlike electric field lines, magnetic field lines are always closed - they never have a starting point or stopping point. If current does flow, the strength of the magnetic field will vary with power consumption but the electric field strength will be constant. (Extract from Electromagnetic fields published by the WHO Regional Office for Europe in 1999 (Local authorities, health and environment briefing pamphlet series; 32). Dielectric Strength of a substance is the total potential difference between the two points of a substance per unit thickness of the medium; up to which the substance can withstand the electric field or up to which no Electric breakdown occurs in the substance. Electromagnetism is produced when an electrical current flows through a simple conductor such as a length of wire or cable, and as current passes along the whole of the conductor then a magnetic field is created along the whole of the conductor. The small magnetic field created around the conductor has a definite direction with both the ... The Unified Theory – Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity and Mechanics. Julius Pretterebner, Im Rank 10, D-71570 Oppenweiler, Germany. Contact: [email protected] Abstract. This article shows the relations between the electricity, magnetism, gravity and mechanics by presenting an existing hidden structure in the Maxwell equations. Silk spun by graphene-fed spiders is one of the strongest materials on Earth: mindblowingscience: Spider webs are already strong enough to restrain small insects unlucky enough to