Carolina arms collectors

COMPETITION USAGE. Select the Walther firearm that best fits your needs. A high performance option for every situation. VIEW ALL; TARGET.22/.32 PISTOL In this file photo, an array of handguns are on display at a gun show. Ryan Callihan [email protected] It’s the second rule listed by the South Carolina Arms Collectors Association ... Early references to rifles in North Carolina are somewhat rare, and completely absent from a 1755 list of arms used by the coastal Hyde County militia company of Henry Gibbs. Below are a few scattered references that I hope to add to as I find more. A Guide to Picking Your Next Danbury Mint Collectible. Since 1969, there have been many types of Danbury Mint collectibles for sale. While the company initially specialized in creating medals, they have since expanded to offer a wide assortment of Danbury Mint collectibles, available on eBay.