D15y3 swap sheet

Note: this step is needed before doing the OBD1 swap on this engine! The following how-to is written as a result of my personal IM (intake manifold) swap, but it might be used as reference for similar engine types as well, i.e. D14Z1, D14Z2, D16Y7 for example. I assume the intake manifolds for these engines all are practically the same. Look up D to F swap or even D to H swap and you'll get an idea for what you will need and how to do it. also check out the HP & TQ. difference to see if it will be of any benefit to you before you decide to spend all your money on the swap and not be able to afford anything aftermarket after if your goal was power. Oct 26, 2011 · Alrite man! Im unsure of the diffence of the inlet mani swap from D15 to D16 tbh mate, however I know there is a decent difference from the D14. I've got one in the house just waiting to swap it over, there is a lot to consider though, although the job itself isn't that hard if you know what your doing If you are asking about the engine swap, I offer my recommendation and you take it or leave it. Don't do it UNLESS, you are a good electrician and mechanic. The engine itself will probably work and be fine but the adapting of the electrical system will be a nightmare and hair puller.