Define categorise or categorize

If you're not sure where to categorise a particular page, add the {{uncategorized}} template to it, and other editors (such as those monitoring Wikipedia:WikiProject Categories/uncategorized) will help find appropriate categories for it. See also. Wikipedia:Categorization dos and don'ts (information page summarizing key points of this guideline) What is another word for categorize? Synonyms for categorize, including phrases that contain categorize: classify, class, group, grade, rate categorize translate: classer par catégories, classer (par categories). Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary. categorise - place into or assign to a category; "Children learn early on to categorize" the big insurance companies categorize this "categorize" and "classify" - English Only forum categorize vs divide - English Only forum categorize your ideas - English Only forum classy vs. categorize - English Only forum Contemporary art historians often categorize the two genres... - English Only forum