Fuji 5x4 sheet film scanners

Here at North Coast Photographic Services, we process your film in our Hostert Dip and Dunk machines. The machines are meticulously maintained for quality and consistency. For black and white film we use Clayton chemistry. For C41 color negative and E6 color positive film, we use Fuji chemistry. Whether you need to scan stacks of family photos, scores of documents, or even just the occasional business card, there's a scanner designed for the task. Here's how to shop for the right one. We can also produce photo prints at the same time on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Whether you are a professional using 10"x8", 5"x4" sheet film, or 120 roll film or a talented amateur who wants the best quality and service for your slide processing and mounting, e6processing.co.uk can help. Both scanners also feature a built-in 8 x 10" transparency unit and include film holders for scanning 35mm film strips, 35mm mounted slides, medium format 120 film strips, and a 4 x 5" sheet film holder, as well as a film area guide for scanning 8 x 10" sheet film directly on the glass bed of the scanner.