Adf javascript reference sheet

My style sheet crossed 1800 classes. IE has a limitation of 4000 style classes. While rendering, ADF adds its own classes. So it crosses 4000 and the styles I am referring at the last of my sheet are not working in IE alone. I need to define a new style sheet for same application. I have tried adding one more skin-family in adf-faces-config.xml. Jan 01, 2020 · Interactive JavaScript Cheat Sheet This is a basic interactive cheat sheet containing all useful JavaScript code examples on a single page. Here you can find code for variables, objects, loops, data types, events, strings and other categories. Simply copy and paste the code you need for your JS project. 5 Ways Cheatography Benefits Your BusinessCheatography Cheat Sheets are a great timesaver for individuals - coders, gardeners, musicians, everybody!But businesses can benefit from them as well - read on to find out more.