Augusta aw109 specifications sheet

AGUSTA A109 The A109 is a high performance twin engine helicopter, one of the most successful in its class. The A109 has been developed into a number of mission specific configura-tions. Aside from executive transport it is used widely in medevac, police and patrol roles worldwide.I was wondering if anyone could hazzard a guess as to what the the average running cost of an agusta 109 would be not including pilots fee or hangerage just the maintenence costs and the fuel.. All i am looking for is a rough answer.. and i am besed in the uk and irish market.. if that makes any diffrence to the costs. Many thanks, Bell 430 MV Agusta claims a dry weight of 385.8 pounds before filling the 4.4 gallon gas tank. Not the lightest naked around, but pretty light given the engine displacement and performance on offer. But we weren't in Spain to look at the Brutale 800 or examine its spec sheet.