The capitals of spanish speaking countries song

Sep 22, 2016 · Inside: Spanish-speaking countries and capitals map and game cards. It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, a perfect time to introduce geography for Spanish-speaking countries. I’ve made a map and set of cards that teach countries, capitals, maps, and country shapes, as well as a few quick facts about each country. I recommend searching for the Spanish speaking countries song on youtube. 1-9 are countries in South America 10 is a country in North America 11-16 are countries in Central America 17-19 are countries in the Caribbean Sea 20 is a country in Africa 21 is a country in Europe NOTE: Bolivia has 2 capitals and España is called Spain in English. Song for Teaching About Spanish Speaking Countries Marla Lewis . VERSE 1 Anya: If I learned Spanish, where would I speak it? ... Spanish Song Lyrics. Take a look at these samples from our Spanish speaking countries worksheet ... Song. Videos Games Songs Worksheets Picture dictionaries. The following list of the Spanish speaking countries and their capitals shows us just how many places officially use the Spanish language. If you want to join millions of Spanish speakers by learning to speak Spanish yourself, get started with this free Spanish lesson. Find out just how quickly you will speak full Spanish sentences. Spanish speaking country/capital rap song Ok, my spanish teacher gave me this link to a page for a rap song that says the name of all of the countries. I have tried the link a billion times but it doesnt work.