Am 241 data sheet

Device self-heating distorts data and prevents accurate device characterization when pulses are too long. Devices designed to target low conduction loss, which result in lower voltages across the device. Test equipment must be capable of generating high current and measuring low voltages in short time period. 3H Nuclide Safety Data Sheet Hydrogen-3 [Tritium] [email protected] 3H . 1. Federal Guidance Report No. 11 [Oak Ridge, TN; Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1988], p. 122, 156 Radioactive Material Safety Data Sheet This data sheet presents information on radioisotopes only. For information on chemical compounds incorporating this radionuclide, see the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet. Americium-241 Part 1 – Radioactive Material Identification Common Names: Americium-241 Chemical Symbol: Am-241 or 241Am SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. SUBSTANCE AND SOURCE IDENTIFICATION Product Identifier ... Americium-241 decays by alpha-particle emission to Neptunium-237, which decays by