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Photosynthesis Problem Set 2 Problem 7: Products of the dark reactions. Which of the following would you expect to see as products of the dark reaction of photosynthesis? A. carbon dioxide, NADPH and ATP. B. NADPH, P i and ATP. C. carbon dioxide, ATP and glucose. D. glucose, NADP + and ADP. E. water, carbon dioxide and light. The Biology Project Jan 11, 2011 · the formula for the dark reaction is: RUP (3 CARBONS) ATP-- RUDP (3 CARBONS) CO2+H20---- 2PGA (6 ... 5. Which of the following is produced during photosynthesis? a) carbon dioxide b) PGAL c) DNA d) lactic acid : 6. In what part of photosynthesis would the tracer carbon-14 be used to study the path of carbon through the chemical reactions? a) the absorption of light by chlorophyll b) the dark reactions c) photolysis d) the light reactions. 7. The dark reactions of photosynthesis (Calvin Cycle) are presented in this learning experience to show where these processes take place in the plant as well as the specific reactions involved. Drawings and visualizations are used to help participants conceptualize the location and steps involved in the dark reactions of photosynthesis.