Osprey metsulfuron 600 wg msds sheets

Environmental Fate: Metsulfuron break down in soils is largely dependent on soil temperature, moisture content, and pH. Metsulfuron will degrade faster under acidic conditions, and in soils with higher moisture content and higher temperature. Metsulfuron has a higher potential mobility in alkaline The purpose of this Material Safety Data Sheet is to describe product in terms of their safety requirements. Grow Choice Pty Ltd makes no representation of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose of application, or of any other nature with respect to the information or the product to which the information refers (“the product”). MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET _____ 01/05/2012 1/5 CHEMFORCE METSULFURON 600 WG CHEMFORCE METSULFURON 600 WG 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE MATERIAL AND SUPPLIER Product Name Chemforce Metsulfuron 600 WG Herbicide Product Code - OSPREY™ Herbicide is a water dispersible granule that does not include an adjuvant. A recommended adjuvant must be tank mixed with OSPREY™ Herbicide according to the guidelines as described in the Mixing Order section. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET OF METSULFURON-METHYL 60% WDG 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY Supplier: SHANGHAI MINGDOU AGROCHEMICAL CO., LTD Address: Rm.1210, Zhenyuan Building, No. 2052 North Zhongshan Rd, Shanghai, China