Hardiepanel compressed sheet weight

HardiePanel ™ Compressed Sheet is an 18mm thick, high density, fibre cement structural flooring substrate for ceramic tile finishes over timber or lightweight steel floor joists. Ideal for use as an internal substrate for tiled wet area floors or an external substrate for tiled balconies and verandahs. Commercial flooring is a walking surface that can support an expected weight. Commonly, commercial flooring requires greater performance, higher safety compliance and increased load-bearing capabilities It is lightweight but tough, sturdy and durable.[...Online Service] Waterproof Rooftop Decks - OAHI. Waterproofing tricky areas. ? If a door opens out onto a raised deck or patio, it must be flashed properly at the threshold. Do not rely on sealants in this area.[...Online Service] HardiePanel? Compressed Sheet Decking ... - James Hardie James Hardie is the leading manufacturer of Fibre Cement products worldwide. As a Hardies stockist we have a product suitable for every cladding need. Villaboard for Bathrooms and Wet areas HardiFlex and Versilux for Eaves, Sheds and general cladding PrimeLine, Linea, EasyLap, Stria, Axon and Matrix Cladding for a Contemporary look