How to lock an excel sheet

How to lock screen to prevent scrolling in Excel worksheet? Normally, you can scroll the scroll bar to any direction of the worksheet, but, sometimes, you need to block scrolling and keep the worksheet screen up to a certain area-A1:M100, for instance. How to Keep my excel secured? Excel Security To lock cells How to lock cells in excel? while Maintaining the integrity of an excel file that has to be shared with peers is a challenging job? Earlier versions of MS excel had a password feature but they were widely criticized because they were pretty ... How To Password Protect An Excel File: Lock Cells and Formulas (Easily) Written by co-founder Kasper Langmann, Microsoft Office Specialist.. In Excel, there are different ways that allow you to protect data and the integrity of your files. Turn ON/ Turn OFF Scroll Lock in Excel. What happened? Solution: Don’t panic, relax!Because it is an issue of Scroll Lock. Let’s see how to solve this problem. Before we learn how to enable or disable scroll lock in Excel, we must learn what is scroll lock?