Blank sheet of paper that you can type on

Small businesses will post chore lists easily when they keep a stack of these blank spread sheets handy. Our custom and personalization option allows you to enlarge the print, add names to the columns, or make each row a different color. Most needs can be accommodated to make the generic spreadsheet work for your personal and professional uses. The exercise has been sized to be proportional to a regular 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. You should, therefore, limit the length of your story to what is visible on the screen. The blank lines in the pages are just text and can be erased and typed over or added by typing the underscore key. Most commercially available InkJet and Laser printers can only print to within 1/4″ of the edge of the sheet. The 5-up format with borders allows you to print directly to the edge of the raffle tickets themselves. If you are using graphics and want to cover the entire raffle ticket area, you need to use the 5-up format. Custom printed, standard imprint and plain will covers, envelopes and paper. Testament ledger and pebble finish stock. Save on will stationery by buying a kit with enough paper, covers and envelopes for 25 wills. Noun 1. sheet of paper - paper used for writing or printing piece of paper, sheet slip of paper, slip - a small sheet of paper; "a receipt slip" signature -... Sheet of paper - definition of sheet of paper by The Free Dictionary