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RANGE OF PROJECTILE FORMULA Range of projectile is the horizontal distance that a projectile travels before hitting the ground. Range of projectile formula is . Here, v0 is initial velocity, α is launch angle, g is gravitational acceleration and y0 is difference between the initial and final height of the projectile motion. calculate the range of the projectile using the initial speed and angle. use 9.8m/s. Initial speed 18m/s and the is 75 degrees. I came up with 8.29 is that right . asked by Anonymous on January 23, 2011; Physics question. Students decide to measure a projectile's range for an initial projectile angle of 45°. Projectile Motion Formula (trajectory formula) is articulated as. Where, the velocity along the x-axis is V x , the initial velocity along the x-axis is V xo , the velocity along the y-axis is V y , the initial velocity along the y-axis is V yo . Feb 11, 2006 · Range of the Projectile can be found by formula. R = v not square sin2alpha over g. in which to calculate for alpha/theta is easy but if u r inquiring about something different then please mention the complete equation Here s is the displacement, u is the initial speed, a is the acceleration and t is time. This equation is only 1 dimensional, but can be easily used for your problem. All you need to do is split the motion of your projectile into two components: one parallel to your acceleration and one perpendicular.