Plasterboard nails popping out of sheetrock

Drywall nails have grooves near the head so that the nail better hold the drywall in place - without the grooves, the head of the nail could possible pop through the drywall. Asked in Glue and ... The next time that a nail pops loose, take it out and drive a 15/8-inch drywall screw (for 5/8-inch drywall) into the ceiling joist about 2 inches away from each side of the hole. Then cover the new screwheads and the original nail hole with spackle. As you continue to replace each nail that pops loose, the problem will eventually go away. Mar 28, 2019 · The details to mitigate drywall cracks and nail pops, especially at the wall-ceiling joint, include managing truss uplift, proper fastener placement, and using the right hardware. Truss Factor Factory-built roof trusses generally arrive at the job near their maximum allowed moisture content, and drywall usually gets hung before the trusses ... Screws or nails popping out of the wall indicate that the drywall is not properly secured to the frame in that area. Simply screwing or nailing the fasteners back into the wall won't fix the problem. Instead, you need to insert new fasteners in an undamaged spot near the popped fastener to secure the drywall.