Slip sheets for patient transfers from table to wheelchair

The kit includes a kit bag, Curved Transfer Board, a sturdy Transfer Turntable, a Easi-Mover Standard Glide Sheet and a Universal Handling Belt. The Curved Transfer Board is ideal for car, bed to chair and toilet transfers. The arc shape enables a variety of positioning options and allows the natural sweeping pattern of an assisted transfer. PHA recommends that you seek accredited manual handling training to ensure carers correctly utilise slide sheets when repositioning patients. Slide Sheets are incredibly useful and incredibly easy to use; they are designed to be used to aid with the movement and transfer of a patient, and to eliminate the need for lifting a patient. The PATSLIDE even flexes to facilitate movement of the patient. Often siderails do not retract far enough causing transfer difficulty. The PATSLIDE provides a smooth bridge, spanning the gaps that occur between beds, trolleys and tables. The PATSLIDE has no sharp edges or protrusions. Patient transfer boards come in a variety of shapes and lengths. For transfers across a larger gap, such as between a wheelchair and a car seat, a long transfer board may be needed. If the gap is shorter, such as between a chair and a toilet seat or bed, a smaller transfer board should be enough.