Carolina colony founder

The South Carolina Colony was one of the five Southern Colonies which also included the North Carolina Colony, the Georgia Colony, the Virginia Colony, and the Maryland Colony. The South Carolina Colony was originally one colony along with the North Carolina, which was founded in 1633 under the Charter of Carolina. US History E-Text > Southern Colonies > North Carolina North Carolina Five voyages were made under the Raleigh charter of 1584 with the view of planting a permanent colony on the soil that became North Carolina; but the effort ended in failure, and almost a century passed when other hands carried into effect the noble ambition of Raleigh. One of the original 13 colonies, North Carolina was the first state to instruct its delegates to vote for independence from the British crown during the Continental Congress. 16th Century North Carolina History Timeline. 1524 - Giovanni da Verrazano explores the Carolina coast for France. The history of the colonial period of South Carolina focuses on the English colonization that created one of the original Thirteen Colonies.Major settlement began after 1651 as the northern half of the British colony of Carolina attracted frontiersmen from Pennsylvania and Virginia, while the southern parts were populated by wealthy English people who set up large plantations dependent on ... This was called the Clarendon County Colony. It had a similar constitution with Virginia. Sir John Yeamans was the first governor. Both of the above settlements, were within the present limits of North Carolina. In 1670, a third colony was founded, called the Carteret County Colony, after Sir George Carteret. The colonists were accompanied by Governor Sayle, who had previously explored the coast. Carolina Colony Founded In 1663, Charles II granted eight noble proprietors a stake of land that spread from the Virginia border to Florida and reached from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific as a reward for helping to restore him to the throne.