16pf scoring sheet for whitetail

Jun 28, 2008 ยท Antler Scoring Sheets Posted on June 28, 2008 by Buck June 28, 2008 I once remember a friend commenting that when we measure antlers we have to stop and wonder just whose head we are really measuring. Whitetail Bucks Whitetail Deer Hunting Bow Hunting Deer Archery Hunting Hunting Rifles Quail Hunting Turkey Hunting Hunting Gear Archery Tips The majority of hunters know that the Boone & Crockett Club measuring system is the most common way to score white-tailed deer antlers, but many don't know how to properly score a harvested buck.Luke Brewster's freak non-typical buck, "Mufasa," arrowed Nov. 2 in Edgar County, was officially measured on Saturday. Pending panel scoring, it will be Pope and Young Club's world-record ...Deer Scoring Sheet | ... Whitetail Score Sheet Boone & Crockett Typical Mule Deer Score Sheet Whitetail Hunting Bow Hunting Deer Quail Hunting Whitetail Bucks Deer Hunting Blinds Duck Hunting Hunting Guns Archery Hunting Turkey Hunting First let me say im not complaining or Griping in any way, i have noticed that what a buck scores is a different opinion in peoples minds, i know that B&C now has an awards entry at 160 typical, thats what im discussing here Typical whitetail, i have also found that for the most part when someone tells you what a buck scores for the most part these days are giving it everything it has , with ... This page lists the current minimum qualifying scores for the Montana Big Game Records Book, Pope & Young Club, and Boone & Crockett Club.