Changer icones applications

With Awesome Icons, you choose the style of each home screen icon individually. Creating customized icons is easy: find the application and the icon pack you want, and create your new home screen icon with a single tap. You can also customize the label of the application or remove it completely. It’s not possible to change the default icons for SharePoint and Yammer in the App Launcher. Regarding the situation, you can consider adding custom tiles with your own icons and the exact URLs to the services. Here is the article for your reference: Add custom tiles to the app launcher Mar 29, 2019 · How to Change App Icons. Changing app icons can help personalize and improve the appearance of your home screen or desktop, especially if you're not satisfied with the colors and appearance of original icons. So having already discussed how to change icons on the home screen using any of the three aforementioned launchers, let’s take a look at some of the best icons sets out there for your phone. Now since you can use pretty much any PNG file as an icon in Android, the possibilities are limitless.