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Membership in the North Mesa Senior Recreation Center is all that is required to participate in the line dance activities that take place through this program. In addition to the classes, we offer participation in regional jamborees in various locations throughout the state as well as the NM Line Dance Jamboree. 1-4 Step left forward, hold, step right forward, hold 5-8 Step left forward, step right to side, left step together, hold STEP, HOLD, STEP, HOLD, STEP, STEP, STEP, HOLD IN FULL TURN LEFT (SSQQS) 1-4 Right step back turning ¼ left, hold, left step forward turning ¼ left, hold 5-6 Right step back turning ¼ left, left step forward turning ¼ left The best search engine for catalan style choreos. You can search choreos by choreographers, contest, artists, song title and more. So Cool - Line Dance (Demo & Walk Through) - Line Dance 'So Cool'. Chor by John Ng Music: So Cool by Sistar 64 Count, 2 Wall, High Beginner. Danced by Kay Jeong's class. Dance Videos, Instructional Line and Couple from the Leading Lady of Recorded Dance Music & Instructional Dance Videos. Recorded Country & Disco Music by Scooter Lee. Learn to swing, hustle, line dance & more with World Champion Instructors.