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Bored pile. Bored pile retaining walls are built by assembling a sequence of bored piles, proceeded by excavating away the excess soil. Depending on the project, the bored pile retaining wall may include a series of earth anchors, reinforcing beams, soil improvement operations and shotcrete reinforcement layer. Heavy-Duty "Z" Sheet Piling - PZ. PZ sheet piles feature mechanical "ball and socket" connections that allow each steel sheet to interlock with another and create a rigid barrier for earth and water while resisting the lateral pressures of these forces. extended the sheet piling programme. HSP – a company with tradition Our success is the result of our solid and reliable work. Our strengths lie in our high quality standards, because the way we see it, sheet piling technology does not allow any compromises. We can refer to more than 100 years of experience with considerable pride. We