24 hour timesheet formulas for excel

If any of them are likely to be longer than 24 hours, then you will need to pay particular attention on how you input them. My Excel Formulae and Formats for Time Differences carries a full explanation of how Excel accommodates time and how we need to appreciate that when attempting to input times exceeding 24 hours. I am a new user of OpenOffice. I have a spreadsheet in Excel that I use to calculate my hours worked each shift, day, week, and month. I cannot seem to figure out how to get OpenOffice to calculate more than 24 hours in a cell I have for a weekly total. What you're seeing in the Result row is the time in B4 expressed as a fraction of 1 day. For example, if you multiply the value in B4 by 24, you'll get 17.95, i.e. 17.95 hours out of a total of 24. Formatting the Date Result. In many scenarios, you'll want to format the result of your TIMEVALUE formula so it displays as an actual time. Timesheet Formula - Calculate Hours Worked Between Specific Times; Format Time Cell For Greater Than 24 Hours: Hours & Minutes Only; Solve Between 24 And 48 Hours OR Less Than 24 Hours OR Greater Than 48 Hours; Difference Between Dates And Times In Days , Hours Mins ( Working Hours ) Count Hours Between 2 Times Based On Hours In Another Cell For example, if you spent four-and-one-half hours on a task, enter 4.5 on your timesheet. If you spent 24 minutes on a task, enter 0.4 on your timesheet. Ask your project manager, your supervisor or your client if there is a policy about rounding time up or down to the nearest one-tenth of an hour.