P2035n fuser replacement

It would probably be best to just replace the printer. It would probably cost you the same amount of money to have a service tech replace the fuser (stove) as it would be to just buy a new printer. You can try running some cleaning pages first, just in case the fuser film has some type of contamination. Many consumers are worried if the use of compatible or aftermarket printing supplies will void their printer's warranty. The answer is no. More simply put, this means that your printer warranty cannot be voided just because you choose to use compatible products unless the manufacturer can prove that the compatible product caused direct damage to your printer. Fuser Replacement Instructions for HP LJ P2015, 1160, 1320. Fuser Replacement: LJ P2015, 1160, 1320. As a regular maintenance item in any laser printer, the fuser should ideally be easy to replace, and in most printers, this is indeed the case.