Plasterboard nails popping out of sheetrock

Popped drywall nails and screws are common in old and new homes alike. It’s tempting to just pound the fastener back in and fill the divot. But this is a short-term solution. To permanently fix the problem, drive a new nail or screw to reattach the drywall to the framing and remove or bury the old fastener. Drywall manufacturers now recommend that installers not nail within 16 inches of a wall to prevent these types of nail pops from happening. If the nail pop is more than about 2 feet away from the wall and looks like a dimple, stand on a step ladder or stool and push up on the drywall. Oct 01, 2014 · Is it because of the way it looks? Is it because of cost? Can we do drywall in our cabins? I sat down with Brian, our Cabin Sales Advisor, to discuss why we use T&G so often, and whether or not Woodtex can (or does) use drywall in our modular structures. We came up with the 4 Factors to consider when you’re debating Tongue & Groove over Drywall. Re: How to deal with nail pops I think the problem w/ drywall nails is that the ones that popped where not ring shank. Did a repair today on some metal cornerbead, building couldn't be 10 yrs old! The bead was crimped (pointless!) and nailed with smooth shank nails. From nail pops to cracks and holes, we can take care of your drywall repair needs! Most walls in Virginia homes are made of drywall. Over time the drywall tends to become damaged simply from day to day living. Doorknobs slam against the plasterboard, old or reused nail holes stretch out, mold grows, or house projects go wrong.