Solid sheets

Solid Sheet Ceramic Decal Sold sheets of color decals…. Ready to be cut in your design. Sheet Size: Small 4" x 6" Medium 7" x 9" Ceramic Decals will have a clear covercoat which will burn off entirely in the firing. You should fire these: Firing temperatures: 1436 F – 1508 F Cone 015-017 NO [...] Choose Ceramic... Why go out in the cold when you can curl up in flannel organic bedding by Boll & Branch? Our selection of flannel sheets are soft, stylish, organic cotton and dangerously cozy. Find out why working from home may soon become working from bed! • See Solid Application Sheet Truth - Features / Benefits Our patent-pending formula cleans and protects your automotive A/C system by fighting against oil fouling, heat, and friction. It also boosts the cooling power, while extending A/C system life. 12 per case / 1.5 oz Part# CP601 “Protect Your Investment” SOLID SHEET