Apps kill battery

Jun 30, 2016 · Figure out which apps are draining your battery. If you can’t figure out why your battery is dying, check your phone’s battery use. Android users can access this feature under their Battery or Power settings. It displays a list of apps and how much battery they are using, from most to least used. 4 tips to stop the Facebook app from draining your phone’s battery Considering our phones often double as our lifelines, a low battery signal can tend to be a real bummer. And while it depends on each individual’s usage, more often than not, the Facebook app tends to be the culprit behind this dilemma. Mar 16, 2016 · Five popular apps that kill iPhone battery life. There are some apps that simply seem to suck away the iPhone's battery life. Real-world testing of a raft of popular apps uncovers which have the ... Hello all, I've finally been able to upgrade my iPhone to an iPhone 6 and have been having ongoing issues with the battery life. I've had the phone for at least a month, so I don't think it's a background Spotlight issue, in fact, I've even disabled Spotlight and many of the other System settings with regards to Location Services, Notification, Screen brightness, Cellular usage on per-app basis... We'll show you how to stop apps from running in the background, plus share an extra tip perfect for stopping iPhone battery drain by social media apps like Facebook. Here’s a list of popular apps that kill battery life, and, more importantly, how to prevent those apps from draining your iPhone’s battery. Oct 13, 2017 · 20 Ways To Stop iOS 11 Battery Drain! iOS 11 has been a huge source of frustration for many users due to its battery life. In this video we take a look at 20 ways to stop the consistent battery ... Oct 30, 2018 · So, avoid these battery draining apps at any cost and keep your phone clean. Clean Master is a typical example of battery-boosting app popular on Google Play. So, these were ten battery draining apps that you should avoid. I categorized them in different categories just to keep things simple.