Mlpzx fact sheet

Brandon Betz joined the Michigan League for Public Policy in September 2019. He is the League’s tax policy analyst. In his work, Brandon analyzes and researches tax and other revenue generating policies to actively advocate for an equitable and progressive tax system that supports communities of color and people with low and moderate incomes. The Short Duration Income Fund A share rankings within the Lipper Short Investment Grade Debt Funds Funds Average as of 09/30/2019 for the one-year time period was 24% (86/364); five-year, 11% (28/274); and 10-year, 6% (10/176). Source: Lipper Analytical Services. Lipper Funds Average ranking reflect all share classes within the spectra 2/4 Overweight and Underweight versus Benchmark (%) (as of 6/30/16) 2nd Quarter 2016 as of June 30, 2016 Portfolio Performance the citizens of the United Kingdom voted in late June to with-