Rbi circular on off balance sheet business

Off-balance-sheet risk 2 on-balance-sheet business. It therefore suggests that off-balance-sheet risks cannot and should not be analysed separately from the risks arising from on-balance-sheet business, but should be regarded as an integral part of banks’ overall risk profiles. Approaching off-balance-sheet Impacts of Inventory Errors on Financial Statements Importance of proper inventory valuation A merchandising company can prepare accurate income statements, statements of retained earnings, and balance sheets only if its inventory is correctly valued. Measures taken by RBI for Liquidity risk management included banks to report their liability and asset position fortnightly to RBI, a regulated inter-bank borrowing market and RBI playing the role of lender of the last resort. These efforts were by and large in managing liquidity risks in a pre Basel I scenario. List of Returns Received by OSMOS Division of Department of Banking Supervision (The name of bank, bank official, branch/subsidiaries, etc., appearing in the return formats are just for example)